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Florida Mortgage Rates
Conventional Avg. 7d Avg 7d Chg
30 Year Fixed 4.52% 5.23% -0.11%
30 Year Fixed FHA 4.52% 4.88% -0.13%
15 Year Fixed 3.75% 4.88% -0.13%
5/1 Adjustable 3.50% 4.92% -0.05%
Jumbo Avg 7d Avg 7d Chg
30 Year Fixed 5.30% 5.92% -0.07%
5/1 Adjustable 4.60% 5.56% -0.06%

Refinance your Florida Mortgage Loan and Lower Your Bills Today! We Give You The Options You Need to Make the Best Mortgage Choice Available. Over 100 Banks Competing for Your Business! And the Best Part is, You only Get One Phone Call From a Licensed Florida Mortgage Broker With the Best Loan Programs to Choose From. We don't sell your information to anyone! Our services are fast, friendly, and convenient. We will get you the best Florida mortgage loan possible, guaranteed! It doesn't cost you anything to let us show you what we can do for you.

Fixed Rate Loans, Interest Only, Option Arms, Jumbo Loans... We have every program to fit your needs. Whether you need Cash Out, Lower Rates, or just want to Consolidate your current bills, we can help you.













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Florida Mortgage Refinance at the Lowest Rates Possible!

5 Reasons to Refinance

Lower Monthly Mortgage Payment - We can show you how to dramatically lower your monthly mortgage payments.
Consolidate High Interest Debt - Pay off higher interest debt by consolidating into a lower fixed rate payment. Florida mortgage loan debt consolidation.
Cash Out - Use your home equity to get the cash you need at a lower rate and payment.
Keep Your Rate From Adjusting Higher - Lock in your interest rate now before they go up, or your current interest rate becomes adjustable.
Cash Out Your Investment Property - Refinance your investment property and invest in another.

Get Started Now!

  Flexible Loan Programs
30 Year fixed loan with monthly payment flexibility, your interest rate never changes!
50 Year fixed loan, pay principal and interest for less than a traditional 30 year mortgage.
1% option ARM, pay a 1% payment and save your cash for other things. Choose your payment plan, 1% option, 15 year, Interest only, or 30 year principal and interest. It's your choice to fit your needs!
Bad credit mortgage programs available.
We have every flexible Florida mortgage loan program available.
  Great Customer Benefits
Lowest available Florida interest rates possible, refinancing, buying or equity lines.
Fast loan approval, you will know your status within minutes.
Fast closings, as soon as we have your information we will process your loan quickly and accurately.
A Licensed Florida Mortgage Broker will work with you to get the loan program that is right for you.
Risk free Florida mortgage quotes, it doesn't hurt to find out what we can do for you.
First-time home buyers programs available.
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